App Instructions

App instructions


While using this app, please be cautious and remain aware of your surroundings including other vehicles, pedestrians, signals and signage.

Get started

When you open the app you’ll see the list of tours that are available.

Tap the photo of the tour you want to do and then press the orange 'Download Tour' button. Allow location access. Once downloaded it will turn red and you press it again to 'Start Tour'.

Once you've downloaded the tour it will be available in the app even when you're offline so it's a good idea to download them while you have wifi incase of poor signal.

You can start the tours anywhere within the tour area - there is no need to start at a set location, the list of stops may not directly reflect the direction of your travels - feel free to explore.

Another handy tip is to go to Settings on the bottom right of the screen and make sure 'Location events' is selected, this will inform you if you reach a point of interest on the tour.

Navigating the tour

The downloaded tours open on to a map view, and the first point of interest (not necessarily your location) will be highlighted. You can walk to the designated start point, or walk to a point closer to you.

You'll see a little light blue circle, that's you! It shows where you are in relation to the stops. You can zoom in and start walking toward a stop and the blue circle will move, use this as your guide.

You can select a location you want to visit or pick the closest one to you.

For each point of interest, you can learn more about it and the surrounding area.

Location markers

You can touch the blue location markers (pictured above) to find out more about them.

When you touch one the corresponding information will appear at the bottom of the screen (as below ’The Bay Hill Piazza). Press that information and a screen pops up so you can learn more about it.

Map icons

The map is controlled by touch and an icon strip (see icons above). This is to help you navigate the map and move to the next point of interest.

Left/Right Arrow: Move back and forwards between the points of interest.

Box: Moves the map back to the tour location, if you move away from it.

Outlined Arrow (default): Opens the map at your present location, then you can scroll around the map manually.

Get Directions: Provides directions from your current location to the selected point of interest.