Te Maru/The Shelter by Flox

Te Maru/The Shelter by Flox

Begin the trail at the Landing Services Building courtyard in George Street.

Towering over the western side of the courtyard is the first mural, The Shelter, by Auckland based artist Flox, aka Hayley King. It was painted over four days in November 2018.

Her artist statement describes it as an environmentally themed artwork which references the area, including paying homage to Timaru’s likely original Maori name, “Te Maru” (the Shelter).

Represented in the stunning mural are some of the region’s extinct and existing flora and fauna including the cabbage tree, huia, moa, long-tailed bat, weta, and mudfish. They’re set against the backdrop of stylised mountains and Caroline Bay.

Flox, a well-known contemporary artist, has transformed public spaces with her work in several New Zealand and overseas locations. Her creativity also extends to prints, publications, graphic design, live paintings and workshops.

While the work faces into the Landing Services courtyard, it’s painted on the rear wall of the former National Bank of New Zealand building in Stafford Street. This Category 2 listed building has been through many guises since it ceased being a bank, including a restaurant and nightclub. Most recently it’s been transformed into Hector Black’s Lounge Bar. Its handsome frontage is visible as you continue your walk up George Street.

There are loads of options for wining and dining in the area. One of the murals, Birds by Anthony Fowler, is in Street Food Kitchen, in the Landing Services Building, you could start of finish your tour with refreshments there.

Also in the area - scroll the images.

  • <p>From the Landing Services area you can walk through to Hector Black's, beside the Flox street art.</p>
  • <p>The original Hector Black, namesake of the fabulous lounge bar behind he Flox mural in the Landing Services Building area.</p>