Scarborough Road Carpark

You can park your car on the right hand side of the road, just past the corner where Scarborough Rd joins Parade. This area is popular with local surfers.

If there's no parking space, head back to State Highway 1 and then take your first left which is Ellis Rd. There is usually plenty of parking at the end of this road.

The walk to the lighthouse and back is 3.2km return from the Scarborough Rd end, so it's slightly longer than the Ellis Rd lighthouse walk.

You need to walk across the railway line to start the track so please take care.

  • <p>Scarborough Rd car parking area on left of image where car is parked.</p>
  • <p>Entrance to Tuhawaiki (Jack's) Point walkway.  Te Motumotu point in distance.</p>