Otipua Wetlands

Otipua Wetlands

There are three different entry points to explore Otipua Wetlands, park your vehicle and start at any of the following:

- Saltwater Creek Bridge on King Street

- Scarborough Road

- Timaru Rowing Club on Rothwell street.

Walk down the Saltwater Creek track towards the coast and cross over the wooden bridge at the end.

Otipua Wetlands are a coastal wildlife and native plant sanctuary.

The area used to be a lagoon and food gathering area for tangata whenua. In recent years a lot of work has gone into planting and restoring this special area.

There's a four hectare lake with two islands in the centre that's a haven for local and migratory birds to nest. You may see royal spoonbills, pied stilts, swans, chestnut breasted shelducks, scaup, mallard and paradise ducks, white and white-faced herons, pukekos, cormorants and black billed gulls.

The next section of track is Saltwater Creek, this starts on the other side of the road at the Saltwater Creek Bridge.